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May 4, Nice new Virus removal tools

Have tried Hitman Pro for a while! This product scans with 5 diffrent scanengines. Highly recommended - link

New AVG rescue CD - link

New Kaspersky Rescue CD - link

New Ondemand scanner from Norton - link

May 3, How to remove "most" viruses from Your PC

Download the necessary tools:

  1. Backup ALL important files from Your PC (if possible)
  2. Boot PC in "Safe mode with networking" - Press "F8" repeatedly after the BIOS screen dissapears.  
  3. Download Superantispyware Portable Scanner to the Desktop - link
  4. Download Malwarebytes Antimalware to the Desktop -  link

Scan for virusses:

  1. Run Superantispyware Portable Scanner (the file we saved to the desktop) - Scan the C-drive and remove all it finds - Then reboot the PC.
  2. Boot PC in "Safe mode with networking", again.
  3. Install MalwareBytes Antimalware (mbam-setup.exe). 
  4. Run a "quick scan" with Malwarebytes and clean what it finds - reboot PC.
  5. Boot in "safe mode with networking"
  6. Scan with ESET Onlinescanner - link 
  7. Clean what it finds, reboot PC.
  8. Your PC should now be running normally.

If the PC still acts funny - You are probably infected with a Rootkit. This is nasty stuff.

The best thing would probably be to reinstall the PC. If that is not possible, try scanning with a bootable CD.

I can recommend the following CD's

Bitdefender Rescue CD

Avira Rescue CD

Kaspersky Rescue CD

Avoid Viruses following these simple rules !

  1. Run windows Update to get the latest security patches
  2. Keep Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player updated, check for updates every week - link
  3. Use the Mozilla Firefox web-browser instead of IE
  4. Make sure Your antivirus is up to date
  5. Donít use pirated Software - most keygens, cracks are infected with malware
  6. Use your brain - THINK before You click!

    Remember, there is NO patch against human stupidity :-)

January 28, Superantispyware Portable Scanner

Just download the file and run it, NO instrallation required


November 11, Panda Cloud Antivirus 1.0 released !

Seems to be an interesting new product and best of all - It is FREE

can be downloaded from here LINK

August 27, Antivirus Boot CDís

II did some testing of a couple of AV BootCDís.The problem with todayís viruses, is that they are almost impossible to remove once windows has booted up. That is why almost ALL Antivirus vendors offer bootable Antivirus CDís to clean up heavily infected PCís.

These are the CDís i have tested:



I personally like the BootCD from G-data the most. It scans with 2 different AV Engines (Avast/Bitdefender) So it cleans most infections without problems.

Just remember to Use an Ethernetcable (RJ45) to connect to the internet (needed for signature updates) since these CDís doesnít support a lot of wireless network cards

Security Linkz

Virus bulletin - whatís going on!

Kaspersky Virus Watch

Url scanner

Finjan URL scanner

Check suspicious files

Online Antivirus Scanners

TrendMicro Housecall

Kaspersky Online Scanner

F-secure Online Scanner (NEW)

Malware Removal

Malwarebytes Antimalware

Superantispyware (Malware removal guides)


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